Company History

History of Charles Broadfoot & Associates and the USTCOM System for UST management:
In February of 1992 an Exxon marketer called me seeking compliance help with the underground storage tanks at eight convenience stores he owned. I had twelve years experience selling petroleum equipment to the convenience store industry, some computer ability, and a working knowledge of the EPA UST regulations. Mr. Taylor wrote my business plan that afternoon as we chatted on the phone.

“I don’t have the time, the staff, or the knowledge I need to comply with EPA underground storage tank regulations”, he said. “The convenience store industry is very competitive, and our time is better spent doing what we do best, running C stores profitably.”

A few days later I read an article about the growing trend for businesses to “outsource” all but their core functions to specialists. It made perfect sense to me. Outsourcing of UST management and EPA compliance functions could lift a confusing and time consuming burden from the backs of C store owners. Time spent dealing with UST issues could, then, be better utilized negotiating with vendors, merchandising, marketing, and scouting for new locations or acquisitions; things to help the bottom line.

I called Mr. Taylor in April of 1992 and said “Lets get started!”.

Today, using the USTCOM System, Charles Broadfoot & Associates manages over 400 UST sites for the convenience store industry, service stations, commercial, as well as government agencies.

Let us show what the USTCOM System can do for you!