Monthly Walk Through

Monthly Walk Through UST System Inspections
The USTCOM Ultimate System for comprehensive UST compliance

This walk through inspection requirement has been coming for several years now and the time has arrived. Nobody, and we mean nobody has our experience level with site UST system inspections. We’ve been doing UST compliance services going back to 1992, 26 years! Over 2,500 monthly walk through inspections we’ve done. We’ve also participated in over 1000 State and EPA regulatory agency UST inspections. In fact we created the UST management industry when we opened our doors back in 1992.

At your sites we inspect and record on appropriate State forms:

Tank top area

  • Spill Containment manholes
  • Overfill Prevention
  • STP area – sumps, if installed, looking for structural soundness and liquid accumulation.


  • Remove doors and look for weeps, drips, leaks
  • Check sumps, if installed, for structural soundness and liquid accumulation.

Automactic Tank Gauge
We capture the information, scan it on site, and deliver via email to the office and the “cloud” for storage and safe keeping to include:

  • Most recent tank test.If the ATG has the capability we also get:
    • Line test to include:
      • STP area – sumps, if installed, looking for structural soundness and liquid accumulation.
      • 3gph catastrophic test
      • 2 monthly test
      • 1 annual test
  • Liquid sensor status report (STP, UDC sumps. Spill containment interstice, and tank interstice)
  • Smart sensor report
  • Vacuum sensor report (UST interstice)
  • Alarm History report

Corrosion Protection (if equipped)

  • We record 60 day volt and amp readings

That’s enough to satisfy your regulatory requirement but we give you more! We also:

  • Track your annual product line and line leak detector testing dates
  • Track your annual UST-22 A, B & C tests (overfill prevention, liquid sensor, sump visual checks)
  • Track your triennial corrosion protection test UST-7 A, B
  • Track your triennial UST-23A,B,C,D tests (spill containment primary and secondary, STP & UDC sump hydrostatic test, product line primary and secondary test, UST primary and secondary test)

And, with your go ahead, we will schedule your tests with the provider of your choice, and follow up to make sure it gets done. We’ll also save the results to our computers and to the “cloud” for safekeeping.