Representation at government agency (EPA , DHEC in SC or NCDEQ in NC) UST inspections

You wouldn’t consider going to an IRS audit without your CPA or court without your attorney. Why then go through an UST inspection without qualified, knowledgeable representation? It just makes since to arrive with someone who knows the regulatory requirements backwards and forwards and has your best interest at heart. You don’t even have to be there! If you’ve been reading your monthly reports you will know this but we will send you a list of conditions at your site you might want to take a look at prior to the inspection and do a little “housekeeping” . It always helps to put your best foot forward.


  • Assemble the myriad of paperwork necessary for the inspection to include:
    • 12 months of tank tests
    • Annual line/line leak detector test
    • Triennial corrosion protection test
      • UST-21 volt/amp log for impressed current system
    • Proof of UST/product line construction
    • UST-19 European Suction verification form
    • Overfill prevention proof
  • At newer sites we also collect
    • Annual UST-22A Overfill prevention check
    • UST-22B liquid sensor operability check
    • UST-22C sump
    • Triennial UST-23A spill containment test, primary and secondary
    • UST-23B UST (STP) and UDC (under dispenser) hydrostatic test
    • UST-23C product line primary and secondary test
    • UST-23D UST interstice (secondary) test

Once assembled, we send to the appropriate State or EPA UST inspector via email prior to the inspection. This gives them time to review data and log information at their office much more efficiently than at the site.

We also meet the inspector at the site and assist with:

  • Removal of manhole lids, sump lids, caps, etc. in the tank area
  • Open dispensers for internal inspection
  • ATG check
  • Impressed current rectifier check

This makes the actual site inspection go much faster and gets the inspector on their way to the next site quicker. Better for them, better for you.