“….I hired Kip Broadfoot as my compliance contractor.  He does full DENR inspections at each site every 60 days and looks in every manhole, pump, sump, dispenser and cover and sends me a report including pictures about potential problems.   He also keeps up with all my enviro records and testing dates and handles site inspections for me.  I think it’s a pretty good deal and is much cheaper than putting someone on staff to look after it for us.  The things we have found in the first few months have already paid for the program.”

Daniel Erwin
Erwin Oil

“As your first client we appreciate so much what you do for us with UST compliance. Thank you for turning my problem into your opportunity with such competency and professionalism.”

D.K. “Bud” Taylor,
D.K. Taylor Oil Company, Fayetteville, NC April 1999